This Is How You Really Live A Life Of Freedom

Freedom is often just imagined as being able to go wherever you desire and do whatever you want or simply having the option to be whoever we choose to be. And while freedom is undoubtedly these things, it is so very much more.

Freedom is letting go of the people and things that do not bring you joy, that steal your joy in life. Toxic relationships, unfulfilling careers, and one-sided friendships are all chains that keep us stuck in a rut. Finding the courage to cut ties and make changes and remove the people and things in life that steal your joy is freeing.

Freedom is letting go of the grudges you hold and deciding to forgive and forget. Forgiveness isn’t about the other person. It is about you. It is about freeing yourself from the grudges and anger and bitterness that keeps you caged, that keeps you from being able to be happy. Letting it all go is to free yourself from the disappointments and pain of the past and move on to brighter days.

Freedom is knowing what you need in life and having the voice to demand it. It is knowing what you need from partners, friends, and family and settling for nothing less. It is taking care of yourself and not feeling guilty. It is about allowing yourself to indulge in the things that make you feel alive. Freedom is never allowing yourself to settle for things that are less than what you want, need, and deserve.

Freedom is finally learning how to look in the mirror and love what you see. It is finally knowing that the most beauty often lies in the imperfections and brokenness and that you are perfect and gorgeous as is. It is allowing yourself to fall in love with yourself and find the confidence you long ago buried. That confidence is what frees you to do whatever you set your mind to instead of being held back by self-loathing and insecurity.

Freedom is allowing yourself to find love again. It is not letting the shitty relationships and heartbreaks of the past make you scared to take steps and make moves when you find new love. It is freeing yourself to take the chance on love again.

Freedom is finding the purpose of pain. It is knowing that without pain and failure and rejection, we as humans never really grow or learn. It is knowing that we can’t truly know what good days are until we have lived through the bad ones. Freedom is going through the storm and coming out on the other end stronger, smarter, and better than before. Freedom is making yourself look for the silver linings and not letting yourself get bogged down and stuck when the inevitable rough patches of life come about.

Life is best lived and most enjoyed when free. Embrace freedom and embrace your best life. There will never be a better time than now.

I come from the South, where passive agressive is an Olympic sport.

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