16 Killer Song Lyrics That Will Help You Express Exactly How You Feel About Your SO

via Pexels
via Pexels

1.  “Words are a lovely try for something more 
and I wanna give to you 
more than a love song can give, more than a feeling like this, more than a dim light upon the path you walk.”

-More Than A Love Song, Augustana

2. “It’s about time that I let you win, that I drop my guard. It’s about time that I let you know: “never let you go”

– Detroit Stab, Anchor and Braille

3. “Flow sweetly. Hang heavy. 
You suddenly complete me”

– Hysteric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4. “There are no words to describe, quantify what’s inside you, your feeling, your vibe.
Believe me, I’ve tried to break you down to a science
. See you in my mind then I open my mouth and it’s silence.”

– No Words, The Script

5. “It’s a thrill to see your imagination. Just watching you is an education
What’s in your mind, is my fascination. It blows my mind, it sets my heart racing.”

– You’re My Star, Stereophonics

6. “So I am yours now. Respectfully.
 I am yours now. Truthfully.”

-Truth, Bloc Party

7. “Foot loose, Fancy free. Pretty lady won’t you dance with me?
 Because one look from your eyes and I knew that it was right this time.”

-Lost Boy, Relient K

8. “I’m gonna pick your brain and get to know your thoughts
. So I can read your mind when you don’t wanna talk
Let me see the dark sides as well as the bright. I’m gonna love you inside out.”

-Inside Out, The Chainsmokers

9. “I don’t know what the plan is, but you can share with me
’ cause I’ll be a listening ear to everything you say. 
I won’t turn away and I’ll listen, open up my heart and I must say that I love you.”

– I Would Do Anything For You, Foster The People

10. “And I’m not gonna stand and wait. Not gonna leave it until it’s much too late. 
On a platform I’m gonna stand and say that I’m nothing on my own
and I love you, please come home”

– A Message, Coldplay

11. “And then I looked up at the sun and I could see
 oh the way that gravity turns for you and me”

– Gravity, Embrace

12. “Come on baby blue. Shake up your tired eyes
. The world is waiting for you. May all your dreaming fill the empty sky but if it makes you happy. Keep on clapping
. Just remember I’ll be by your side and if you don’t let go, it’s gonna pass you by.”

– Let There Be Love, Oasis

13. “There’s a cinematic end. I picture it just right
 having trouble with the right words, but you tell me with your eyes.
 There’s something good I miss. Something I can’t find.”

– Invented, Jimmy Eat World

14. “When I’m out of my mind. When the sun tries to shine, when my heart skips a beat all I want is to be less alone
 when you’re lost in the sheets. If I try not to scream.

Come and find me if I’m lost in a dream. If I’m not as I seem, 
I’m perfectly yours.”

– Perfectly Yours, Robert Francis

15. “Oh I could sail the world
, search through the darkest waters but 
I’d never find these golden eyes.”

-To Be With You, The Honey Trees

16. “Time together is just never quite enough
 when you and I are alone, I’ve never felt so at home
. What will it take to make or break this hint of love?
We need time, only time.”

-A Saltwater Room, Owl City Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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