18 Tired Gender Stereotypes That Will Hopefully Not Exist In 2017

Clem Onojeghuo
Clem Onojeghuo

This is an open letter to the entity responsible for creating the social norms that members of our community abide by. Good sir, I do not mean to question your judgement. I am quite aware you’ve been doing this job quite longer than the combined lifespans of my ancestors. However, it has come to my attention that some of the decrees you’ve established are quite out of date with regards to the modern age. More specifically the notion that gender roles play a huge factor on how people should ideally act.

In my opinion, I’d rather the whole concept of having roles depending on your gender be eradicated completely because quite frankly it’s limiting the potential of the individuals in our society but I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon. Respectable legislator, Hear me out first before incurring your wrath upon me. Sure, these laws may have worked during an older time but right now with everything the human race has been through, I strongly believe that the human race knows so much better now.

The only end result I see coming from these rules is people end up blaming the opposite gender when the effects of these roles start to wear them out. I don’t think the opposite gender is to blame but rather it’s ignorance that’s the culprit. We’ve grown accustomed to these rules that a lot of people seldom question the logic behind said rules and it doesn’t quite help that because of this, some people would base their logic in terms of their self entitlement.

So since it’s 2017, I think it’s high time we updated these so called gender roles and start respecting individual freedom. Here are just a few of those that I believe should have already been abolished by now since they are kind of illogical and out of date.


1. Men are born leaders and they are considered bread winners and if a woman somehow outranks him then he is no true man. With that, Men should act in an alpha manner wherein they need to assert their dominance in every situation.

2. Men have every right to keep their women in line since they are the dominant gender. In line with that, the more women a man sleeps with, the more they should be given admiration.

3. Men must ALWAYS make the first move when courting a woman.

4. Men must appear strong at all times. Bulging muscles and six pack abs are a necessity for the image of an ideal man.

5. Men cannot express any emotion whatsoever apart from manly anger. Crying is equivalent to losing one’s manhood.

6. Men must be knowledgeable with everything ranging from car mechanics to directions. In the event they end up asking for help, men should feel a sense of shame because their manhood just took a toll.

7. Men’s interests should include the following: Sports, cars, fighting and boobs.

8. Every man should drink alcohol.

9. Men taking care of their appearance should be frowned upon.


1. The ideal image of a good woman is one who stays at home and cooks for the family.

2. The basis for a woman’s success is the amount of children she provides.

3. It’s the woman’s main responsibility to take care of the children. With that, women who do not want children should be frowned upon.

4. Women are only second in command to the man. Never in any circumstance should they appear stronger than the man.

5. Women must make less than the man because if she makes more than the man then the man’s image would be disgraceful.

6. Women cannot make the first move when meeting men because it makes them look desperate and inadequate.

7. Women’s interest should include the following: Shopping, cooking, gossip and fashion.

8. The attractiveness of women are determined only by the standards of men hence women need to make an effort to base their looks on photoshopped photos on magazines to reach an acceptable standard.

9. Women have every right to embarrass, hit, and scold men in public for any reason whatsoever.

I hope we could come into an agreement so that by 2017 we can start to eliminate the mindset of gender hate and build better and more equal opportunities for the human race regardless of their gender. I believe this could be a large step for our society. Thank you very much for your time and have a happy new year. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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