You Were Born From The Stars

Walking behind a woman with blonde hair moving
Alex Suprun / Unsplash

She was a mystery. No one could understand how or why or anything that she was or wanted to be. She was something else. The way her beautiful blonde hair hung low down her back, in a cascade of curls, made you want to run your fingers through it forever. She would run around and talk to any person she met and there was something so sweet about her as if her mouth dripped honey with every word she spoke. She would look at you with those blue, blue eyes and the world would stop. You could never focus with those eyes. It was as if they had some magical power and it was over you. She talked about the world and everything in it as if she had touched stars every night before she laid her head down to sleep. To you, she was everything but to herself, she was nothing. You had seen behind those blue, blue eyes, oh the pain she carried behind those blue, blue eyes. You saw her on the nights where she could barely stand because the burden of breathing in the air created such an ache in her chest. You saw those scars on her hips when the only way she could remember that she was alive was through a blade against her cold, white skin. You saw it all. While the rest of the world saw this beautiful, fearless woman, you saw her. And I want to thank you for seeing her. Without you, without those longs nights spent wrapped around you with tear stained cheeks she would have never made it that far. I want to thank you for still loving her even on the nights where she could not reach the moon to kiss him goodnight. Every night, please look at the sky. I promise she is there, riding with the stars. Please look at the stars, for every time they sparkle, we know she’s there. She has found a place where the pain has disappeared. No more pills, cuts, and bruises. Just the sparkle. Please, baby girl, keep sparkling. TC mark

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