15 Things To Do If You’re Snowed In During Winter Storm Hercules


1. Facebook stalk your middle school crush.

Check out that hottie you made out with during the 8th grade. Lament the fact that you didn’t lock that down earlier, because dayum, this kid certainly grew out of his awkward phase.

2. Take full advantage of your parents’ HBO GO/Showtime Anytime/Netflix accounts.

I mean, duh. This is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up on Masters of Sex. If you’re not mildly ashamed with the amount of streamed content you are able to get through in a single day, you are doing your 20s wrong.

3. Make something from Pinterest.

This could be anything, from a mason jar wall-lighting project to those little cookies that vaguely resemble melting snowmen. Whatever you choose to copy from the site of Middle American Housewives Anonymous is up to you, but make sure you Instagram your craft or recipe when you’re done. If you don’t, it’ll be like it never even happened.

4. Drink with your roommate.

Have a glass of cheap Moscato with that person you share the same several hundred feet of living space. Make a spiked hot chocolate with the girl who takes too long in the shower. Hell, have an Old Fashioned with the person that puts up with your lack of timely dishwashing. Take this snow day as a chance to reconnect, gossip and even get a little day drunk.

5. Clean out your closet.

After all, this was probably on the list of resolutions that you inflicted upon your entire social network, right? Yes. So put your money where your mouth is and get rid of that artfully ripped denim you wore in the 10th grade. Just get rid of it. It’s taking up valuable real estate in your closet.

6. Re-read your favorite young adult novel.

This is what free days are all about. Pick up the tissues and revisit the sheer beauty that is The Giver. Grab A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and go to town. You’ll remember why you fell in love with this book in the first place and think about where you were in life when you first experienced it.

7. Make an epic Spotify list of your old favorites.

While we’re taking a walk down memory lane, let’s visit the music you angst-ed out to during puberty. Nothing takes more time or dedication than making the perfect Spotify list. Luckily for you, you have oodles of time to fall into a k-hole of Good Charlotte’s entire discography.

8. Call your mother.

She’s worried about you and she probably has a Google weather alert set to your zip code. Throw the lady a bone and call her.

9. Take a bath.

Or, if that’s not your thing, do whatever you normally don’t have time for. Want to examine every pore on your face in your magnified mirror? Go for it. Want to experiment with your roommate’s expensive face scrubs and creams and gook and stuff? Go right ahead. (But if they kill you and use your flesh for meat when it’s day 7 and the snow has yet to thaw, this isn’t my fault.)

10. Have a snowball fight.

Sure, you’ll probably get sick of being outside after about 15 minutes, but it’s the thought that counts. Throw on 20 layers and create a FourSquare check-in at King of the Hill. Tweet about it. It doesn’t count until you tweet about.

11. Write e-mails to old friends.

Everyone loves getting e-mail (the personal kind, not the spam kind. American Eagle, you be looking thirsty lately.) Make your friends and family’s dreams come true with your wit and banter (or, you know, ramble on for ten or so minutes and push send without revising. Either way.)

12.Stress over prediction articles for this weekend’s playoff games.

THIS IS A BIG WEEKEND IN FOOTBALL. Figure out what the chances are that your team won’t make a total fool of themselves this Sunday. Talk shit on social media to your friends that support rival teams. Half the fun of organized sports is the anticipation, so have at it.

13.Do a puzzle or play a board game.

This one needs no explanation. Both these things are awesome and you need to do them more often. I will also accept coloring in a coloring book if you have one lying around.

14. Work.

LOLZ. Aren’t you supposed to be “working from home” today?

15. Go without pants.

My general rule is this: if I’m in my own apartment, I’m not wearing pants. Point blank. This is your day. Do it without pants. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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