This Is Your Year, Own It

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

New year, new you” may sound cliché as ever but if you think about it, it’s quite appropriate for you or for all of us. It’s a new year, it’s time for a new you, a new beginning perhaps. Maybe it’s the time for something new. Leave everything behind, the heartbreaks, the guilt, the doubts and everything in between just get a fresh start for a new year.

Maybe it’s time to think about quitting your shitty job
and get a new one that you actually like. Think about a new environment, new job, new people to deal with. Be busy with learning new things! Find a job you enjoy doing not just because you need money to pay the bills. Find a job that you actually care, a job you’ll never get tired of doing.

Maybe travel as much as possible to relieve stress, meet new people, get inspiration
, see new places to know the culture and history. Maybe what you need are the places you’ve never been to. Get lost in a place and find yourself. Maybe it’s time to finally do the things that scares you, travel alone perhaps?

Maybe cut your hair really short cause maybe you’ve never done it before
. Cut it before you change your mind! Get a new place perhaps move out of your parent’s house and find your very own place where you can do anything you want. Do something reckless, maybe doing something unimaginable can actually turns out so good. You’ll never know unless you try right?

Maybe it’s time to move on
, move forward and forget the things that gone wrong last year. Forget about the guys who broke your heart. Forget the things that happened because of your wrong judgement. Forget about the things that gone wrong because once or maybe twice last year you fell for the wrong guy. Forget and forgive is probably what you need to get a new start, a fresh start because you deserve it after what you’ve been to the previous year.

Maybe this year it’s time to be you
, time to think about yourself first before anyone else. Maybe it’s time to be selfless for once. To do the things you’ve never done before. Talk to people you lost contact to.

The thing about new year is that subconsciously you get to make new beginnings and the idea of a new start. The idea of doing things differently this year. The idea of doing the right thing and the idea that nothing could go wrong now. Maybe it’s not ideas anymore maybe all these maybes can actually come true. Maybe it’s time to finally be happy to finally be doing something that makes you genuinely happy.

I think the scariest part of this whole new chapter is we think we have no control over life but to a certain extent that is just not true. You can’t expect greatness out of life if you are not willing to strive for greatness in yourself. But I guess the scariest part is not knowing the “what could have been”. Take risks and know the unknown. Be great and be happy. Find new things and learn. 2017 is YOUR Year, Own it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

A work in progress and a believer of fresh start and second chances.

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