When You Finally Realize He’s Not Worth It

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

All your friends have been telling you forever: “he’s not worth it”, “you deserve better than him”, “he’s a flirt” but you ignored all of it. Why? Because you loved him, you loved the idea of him, you loved the attention he gives you. You don’t see his flaws because even that is beautiful to you. You can give all the love you can possibly give.

All of that just because you believed in him. All of that because you thought he’s THE ONE. The one person who gets you. The one person you can be yourself with. The one person you can be silly with and won’t judge you no matter what. The one person who can make you happy. But then you realized that maybe he’s THE ONE only at that chapter of your life.

He’s THE ONE but not until the end. We sometimes meet a person like that more than once in our lifetime. We only going to realize that later in life, because in that moment you believed in a fairytale themed love story that’s one for the book, a knight in shining armour, a prince. We love like that more than once in our life.

One day you’re going to realize that all your friends were right. One day you’ll wake up to the realization that he’s not worth all the trouble, all the heartbreak, all the pain, all the effort, all of it. Because one day you’ll wake up and realize that you deserve better than what he gives you. That you’re not an option and definitely not a second best. You finally see the real him, you finally see all his flaws. You finally see that what your friends were saying was all true.

You finally see that he flirts with every girl he can see, you finally realize that he don’t even call that much because before you were always the one who calls or txt first. You finally realize that you are just one of those girls he gives attention to. That you are not special to him. And you finally give yourself the love you deserve by giving him up, by finally loving yourself first. You will realize that you are young, the possibilities are endless.

You are young and you deserve more. You will finally close that chapter of your life and start a new one with the lessons you learned from it. You’ll realize that you are a strong independent woman. And one day when you’re finally ready God will give you what is meant to be yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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