Their Love Story Was Not Meant To Last

Theirs was a love story that was never meant to happen. They had never met before. They had no common interests. They had no binding qualities. They were polar opposites. Yet somehow, it worked.

She was a bundle of energy, high on life, full of positivity and a firebrand. He was a morose boy, depressed with how life had treated him, sensationally brilliant and a storehouse of abundant charm that was somehow always suppressed. She took it upon herself to set him right. His smile was her motivation…every single day. She pulled out all the stops. She greeted him with a smile every single day. She made him feel wanted. She pampered him silly. She went out of her way to stand by him in whatever he undertook.

For him, perhaps this was not how he was used to being treated. He had always been anti-social…an introvert. He was taken aback by this sudden swarm affection and pure love. His reactions were not the best. Rebuffs, a dour face while greeting her and an attempt to smother her enthusiasm were served up on a daily routine.

She did not give up, though. She kept at it. There were times when he needed financial help. She was always there. Like a rock. He kept up with his nonsense, however. But her warmth did start paying off after a bit. He melted a bit. He relented. He opened his heart to her. He looked at her with wonder. He could never express how much he loved her. He was horrible at it. Add to that his complete lack of interest in celebrating occasions, an inability to make her feel special and his unawareness about putting in extra efforts made things difficult.

And his greatest flaw was not any of the issues mentioned above. He was a compulsive liar. He could not control himself. He lied only when he was cornered. His lies followed a certain pattern. If he was asked to take responsibility for someone, he would lie to avoid it. If he was caught up in an argument with her, he would feign illness to gain her sympathy. He would lie about how money he was supposed to be saying.

Later, he would realize his mistake, but he would keep on repeating it. She kept on forgiving him.

All this finally caught up with her. She lost her positivity. Her mood slowly worsened. It was also compounded by the fact that she was not enjoying her work-life too much. All she needed was he. All he wanted was she. Marriage was something both wanted, but he wasn’t sure about how to achieve it.

By now, his world revolved around her. He was emotionally dependent on her. She was his world. Her smile and presence had him dreaming about how it would be to lead a normal life with her. He listened to her, absorbed her frustrations and did not utter a word when she spewed venom on him. He forgave her every single time.

She made him meet her parents. They were skeptical about him. His line of work did not strike a chord with him. But they were ready to go with their daughter’s choice. It seemed that things would work out. The one underlying fact in all of this was that they loved each other. You could see it in their eyes. The way they could not stop cuddling each other…they way their hugs enveloped each other, the way they laughed in each other’s company. Yes there was the pain, yes there were misunderstandings, yes there was his lying, but they wanted each other.

All their friends started getting married. They kept dreaming and planning but somehow things did not progress, as they wanted it to. And then, one day he lied again.

She caved in. Her last strand of resistance snapped. Love turned to bitterness. Things went beyond conciliation. She was shattered. He was numb. This could not be happening to them. They were supposed to be together. This was supposed be a love story with a happy ending. She created walls around herself. He was confused. One thing led to the other and the mess messed itself further up. They both cried in isolation.

They both still love each other. They cannot help but speak to each other even though they are not together. Her parents have forbidden her from speaking to him. He wants her back. He has mellowed down. He has managed to stop lying. She cannot forget the past. Every conversation ends with her bringing up the past and them fighting about it. But he is still patient with her. She is upset that he is still not making any effort. He is numb and drained from it all. Her parents are looking to get her married. He is dreading hearing about something he does not want to know about. He has tried to affect things. He has failed each time. She is caught between not speaking to him ever and her feelings.

They both love each other. They are not together. Their love story has not ended.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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