12 Favorite Food And Whine Pairings Of My Ex-Girlfriend


1. Brussels Sprouts with a classic, refined 2011 “I Don’t Eat Anything That Shade Of Green”

2. Roast Chicken with a dry, complex 2012 “Prove It Had A Painless Death”

3. Heirloom Tomatoes with an aggressive, high acidity 2009 “I’ve Told You Before, Tomatoes Only In Pizza Sauce Or As Part Of A Small Garden Salad”

4. Dark Chocolate Ganache with a bold, dense 2010 “I Don’t Do Mousse-Like”

5. Tuna Salad with an oaky, crisp 2013 “I Remember Not Liking It In Kindergarten”

6. Golden Beets with a smoky, bitter 2014 “They’re Touching A Cucumber”

7. Grilled Red Snapper with a bright, opulent 2012 “Why? Because I Just Don’t Want To”

8. Steamed Carrots with an unctuous, harsh 2011 “It’s Too Warm Outside For These”

9. Any Sandwich with an elegant, earthy 2010 “I Would Rather Spend My Calories Elsewhere”

10. Sweet Potato Fries with a light-bodied, hollow 2009 “I Think I See A Piece Of Rosemary”

11. Caramelized Onions with a soft, smooth 2013 “No, Thanks. What’s It Taste Like?”

12. Oreos with a big, spicy 2014 “Why Didn’t You Buy More?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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