Hey, Are We Nostalgic For The 90s Yet?

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Hey, remember the 90s?

Y’know, with the stuff, and the trends, and the things?

Like Nickelodeon Studios? And Pogs? And Tamagotchis? And being a kid with obviously no cares in the world?

Seriously, we need to talk about the 90s some more.

Because remember that music? With boybands? Not like the boy bands around today: real boy bands, making really fun pop music. Remember the clothing trends? Remember jellies? Remember all those sparkles? Remember being young enough to get away with wearing sparkles on your shirt?

Just ask the internet: we need more 90s nostalgia articles.

Because kids these days, am I right? They’ll never know what it’s like to rewind a tape cassette! Or have friends call a landline number! They don’t know the simplicity of passing notes folded up like little footballs or sharing their multi-colored gel pens! 

I mean, seriously: what a simpler time.

This post is only one of many wonderful and obviously unique 90s articles, relishing in the incredible glow of nostalgia for a time that had to have been way happier than how our diaries make it out to be. I mean, we had Rocko’s Modern Life and Salute Your Shorts — how bad could life have been?

At the end of the day, we need to relish in the 90s. We need to fetishize it. There is no other way around it. As Millennials, we feel this constant drive to look back at the 20th century — because the 21st century hasn’t exactly been kind to us.

We’re the generation that got lied to about college. We’re the generation that got dropped into the real world right at the beginning of the Great Recession and we’re the generation that got to demonstrate just how little the economy has recovered since then. Some of us are hitting 30 and still unemployed and underemployed, working free internships that will never in a million years turn into a salaried gig. We’re addled and sidelined and downright paralyzed with student loan debt. We’re looking at all the things we’re supposed to do at this time — buy a house, have a big wedding, fulfill the Leave it to Beaver American Dream — and recognizing that this American Dream will probably die with us, if it hasn’t died already.

We’re the first generation in the modern world to actually have it worse off than their parents. We’re the generation that looks to the future and all it was supposed to be and find ourselves with nothing to do but sigh wearily.

So, seriously, let’s talk about Power Rangers and Spice Girls and that sense of wonder when CD players became affordable. Let’s talk about a time when the economy was booming – a time when we were too young and innocent to notice it in the first place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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