Racism Meets Chauvinism In Internet Responses To Khobragade Case

It’s almost always a mistake to waste time reading the comments below news articles on the web. They’re filled with hate. Because people post anonymously, they don’t have to stand behind their words. I get it: internet comment threads are gross.

All the same, I was particularly shocked by the vitriolic comments below a Fox News article covering the state of US-India relations following the arrest of Devyani Khobragade.

You know how it is. One utterly irrational comment catches your eye and you can’t help but read one more. Then another. Then fifteen minutes later you pull up to find that you’ve read the whole damn thread.

Who are the people posting these comments, do they live near me, and do they actually believe what they are saying?

1. India is a land of perpetual sorrow. They bring it everywhere they go.

2. If that’s the babe they strip searched, I now know why.

3. The best thing to come out of India is the YouTube video of the guy on top of the electric train, grabs the wire!! BBRRRRRRMMMMMMMPPPPPP!!!! Toast!!

4. I’m really more concerned with the treatment of the guy from Duck Dynasty. He didn’t do anything against the law and is being punished.

5. It took a brave soul to examine that cavity.

6. Sounds to me like she has been visited by Karma.

7. All you little Indian Help Desk slaves walk off the job tonight.

8. I’ll wait till they release the Bollywood movie about this.

9. 1: It would be wise for Americans to avoid India as a vacation spot for awhile.
2: yeah, now there’s an even greater chance of being gang raped on a bus.

10. I’d rather have millions of her than Mexicans.

11. When they say grab your cheeks and spread ’em , do they probe each cavity?

12. On the plus side, I understand they did take her out for dinner and a movie first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – The Guardian

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