What Sagittarius Should Expect In September 2021 (Horoscope)

The explorer of the Zodiac will find the month of September to be highly enlightening. This is your time to be in the spotlight as these transits prove that you are capable of shining at any time. The shifts begin for you with the New Moon in Virgo beginning on the 6th, a time where you are going to be focused on creating and editing. Those projects you started earlier this year might find that they are on the verge of being perfected. You are going to experience recognition for your hard work, so get ready for the thrilling moments ahead.

(Keep in mind to not only read for your Sun sign but your Rising sign as well!)


Some of the focus you will have this month will be on reworking and editing. Although you might still feel more reserved and less confident, you have the optimistic energy of Jupiter giving you the push and courage to steal the show at school. Be prepared to communicate a lot more and to be in more collaborative projects with others. You will be surprised how much you can get done when you work together and brainstorm with others.


During this month, you will have plenty of opportunities to show everyone just what you are made of. Nothing seems too challenging for you as you have Mars towards the beginning of the month, making you push and fight your way to the top even if you make enemies along the way. This is a time for you to understand what your goals are and how to expound on them. You are unstoppable during this month.

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Opportunities for romance now might be tough, but this is a great moment to make some changes to the way you view love. Venus will be in the sign of Libra earlier this month, but it will shift to Scorpio on the 10th. A reminder to put yourself first before entering any relationships, especially if you are single. Those who are paired up will feel more committed and connected to their partner. The energy that Venus in Scorpio brings is mystical and powerful


This month will allow you many opportunities to reconnect with friends and even do some collaborations on projects with them. Virgo Season will be a motivator for work and when the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, it will make you much more social. Take this time to cool off and do some of those things you love. Once Mercury goes Retrograde on the 27th, you are going to revisit some of your past relationships with others, and you may encounter people from the past.


A wonderful month with Virgo Season bringing you back to basics, especially with the Full Moon in Pisces on September 20th, bringing the focus to home and family. The grounding energy of the Moon will make you reflect on topics from earlier in the year where you might even consider making renovations or buying new decorations to make things more pleasant at home. Use this time to stay in touch with the people you love the most and to relax.

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