What Pisces Should Expect In September 2021 (Horoscope)

With the Full Moon in your sign on the 20th of September, there will be a lot of shedding of the old and beginning to build the new you. Many water signs will feel transformative energy after the Full Moon in Pisces. You can expect to meet new people and experience the changing dynamics in relationships. This month will be centered on partnerships, friendships, and some business relationships. While you experience those changes, you are also understanding yourself a lot more and gaining confidence.

(Keep in mind to not only read for your Sun sign but your Rising sign as well!)


A powerful transit for you beginning on the 10th is Venus’ entry in the sign of Scorpio. It is going to be enlightening and otherworldly. If you are in school, especially college, you are going to really appreciate what this transit will bring because you are going to be very motivated to learn. You will adapt the investigative qualities of a Scorpio, thoroughly analyzing and researching. If you are brought to declare a major, you are going to research and be more prepared than your peers. Find your educational passion now.


Not able to find the inspiration to deal with day-to-day drama at work? Virgo Season gives you the diplomatic edge you have been dreaming of and you are going to feel a lot more prepared to tackle the busy times with much confidence. The shift to Libra Season beginning on the 22nd is going to add more of the pacifying energy, but you will be a lot more reserved around others during this month-long transit. Be patient and preserve the peace at work if you are near conflict.

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Romance will be the predominant theme on your mind during this month as Virgo Season highlights all you need and desire in a relationship. If you are paired up, this is an exciting time to take your relationship to the next level emotionally, especially with the Full Moon in your sign on the 20th. Single Pisces will benefit throughout the month because you can meet someone through friends or even in a classroom setting. Your social life gets interesting during this month.


Call up your friends if you haven’t seen them in a while. Virgo Season gives you that courage to reach out, plan, and have a good time. If you miss your friends, get connected and do something exciting with them. This is a month to explore and enjoy all that both Virgo and Libra season have to offer. This is your time to socialize and make an impression on others. Your creative energy is also soaring during this time, so start a new fun project and collaborate with friends to get it going.


Pleasant moments this month with the Full Moon in your sign on the 20th. With this key transit, you are going to be appreciative of all that you have learned and experienced in the last six months. The lunar transits always point to home, and this one is no exception. While the lunar nodes redefine your home and sense of self, your transformative energy during this month is going to be one that will continue towards the end of the year, ignited by the Full Moon.

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