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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Full Moon In Aquarius

The Full Moon in Aquarius will be on July 23rd, 2021. This transit focuses on the lessons that Saturn in Aquarius is currently sorting out for us. It might feel like a second chance at change during the energy of this Full Moon. Be optimistic, even if things are frustrating with Saturn and Uranus still battling things until next year. For the most part, this transit can allow us to be more reflective, since we will analyze what we have done in the last six months.

Aries – You have already made some drastic changes to your social circles, so now you must get focused on the direction you want to go. Saturn in Aquarius changes your motivation and drive, and this Full Moon is a reminder of that. The hard work and those challenges you endured during Saturn in Capricorn will be magnified once again, this time your group dynamics at work can help provide success as long as you are diplomatic.

Taurus – This is one of the most important transits for you, since you are being tested for the work you have done in the last 10 years and now you will be flooded with more responsibilities. Take action, be cautious, and stay on your toes. While this period will motivate you to push ahead, make sure not to lose sight of where you are and remember to live in the moment as well.

Gemini – Saturn and the Full Moon are here to remind you that anything is possible, all you need to do is believe in yourself. These transits are setting you up for a powerful point and phase in your life that will begin in 2023. For now, continue to learn and grow through philosophy for self-understanding or learning some new skills that can help you improve in your career.

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Cancer This transit has taught you that you are your own source of power and potential success. The Full Moon highlights those successes, and if you do not feel like you are there yet, you are going to feel it once Jupiter enters the sign of Aquarius. This transit will continue to transform you, so keep a level of optimism to get through those hurdles.

Leo – How you relate to others has undergone transformations once Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius. The tests and challenges are still ongoing, and they were enhanced with the New Moon in Aquarius and now more during the culmination of this phase with the Full Moon. This is a reminder to show up and be there for friends and partners. This is all about learning and evolving, so keep those precious people close.

Virgo –  Update those day-to-day routines. Your work ethic here will be evaluated, and if you have been putting in the work, you are going to see some results. The outcome might not be drastic, but it will be putting you on the right course. It is important not to lose focus or sight of what you want, even if it feels tough right now.

Libra – Love will continue to be an obstacle for you for the next several years as you still learn some of the messages that Saturn is showing you. With this Full Moon transit, you are prompted to continue to meet people and learn, even if things do not work out. If you are in a committed relationship, this transit can strengthen or loosen the connection with someone. Don’t be afraid to open your heart.

Scorpio There could be more responsibilities headed your way, so finding that balance between home and career is still going to be challenging for you. While your relationships with others may feel unsettling, you are going to find that preparation and planning is key to dealing with the unexpected events and people in your life.

Sagittarius – Saturn is transforming the way you express yourself and think. Focus on processing your thoughts with paper and pencil to get down to the core of things. You are going to have to discover new ways to heal if you have had issues with friends or family. Finding a way to discuss things and forgive can help release some of that blocked energy you are feeling.

Capricorn – If you need to make changes and find your own self-worth, this transit offers lessons and hidden blessings. If things have not gone the way they have in terms of finances, Jupiter will be entering Aquarius again soon for more of a push. You are learning more about what you have to offer and why others should value and appreciate you.

Aquarius – This transit highlights the work that still needs to be done, as well as discovering that through the hardships, you are still strong and worthy. Pat yourself on the back because Saturn transits are not easy, but know that the end of the transit will give you gifts you will carry for many years to come.

Pisces – Dreams become more vivid for you, and you will even find time to meditate and give yourself much love. The healing energy of this transit resonates with you, since you are a sign of introspection and transformation. These lessons only serve to give you more wisdom and inner power.

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