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What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Mercury In Gemini

Mercury enters Gemini on May 3rd and will stay in that sign until July 11th, 2021. Mercury will bring fun and lighthearted moments in Gemini, making us more intellectually driven. If you’ve been longing to get back into reading books or learning more about a topic you are curious about, this is your time to dive in. Mercury will go retrograde beginning May 29th, which will pose as a difficult time for many of us, since it will feel like déjà vu when we have to redo certain things if they’re not communicated effectively the first time. Buying technology and starting some new relationships might be something you want to hold off until Mercury goes direct. This is your time to complete a project you never finished or edit something you have pending. Once Mercury goes direct on June 22nd, we can get back to our routines.

Aries – Expect some good times during this transit and get ready to cozy up to a good book or to be more thrilled about beginning a new course at school. Once Mercury goes retrograde, you might have to redo a course or reread those books. Take notes and be prepared for round two.

Taurus – There’s a perfect opportunity to spruce up your finances during this Mercury transit. This can be a good time to learn more about a good savings or investment opportunity. Once Mercury goes retrograde, spending habits might need to be reevaluated.

Gemini – This is your time to impress the masses with your wit. Mercury has you sharper than usual during this transit. Try to think before you speak though, because when Mercury goes retrograde, you might have to revise what you have expressed.

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Cancer – You will be able to navigate the past with ease and focus on finding ways to heal for the present. Pick up some good meditation skills during this transit to relieve anxiety and tension. When Mercury goes retrograde, you will be prepared if you feel the memories surging.

Leo – Something to look forward to during this transit is the love and positive energy you will receive from friends and family. Stay sharp and have fun, because when Mercury goes retrograde, you might want to take time for yourself and recharge.

Virgo – Your ruler is in another Mercury-ruled sign, making this energy manageable. Prepare to take the lead in projects at work or school. People might look to you for answers from a career perspective. Make sure things are flowing the first round, because during retrograde you might need to revise.

Libra – Everyone will view you as the wise one during this transit. Your diplomatic skills might be put to the test, as you are more reliable and fearless. Impart your wisdom to help the masses, but make sure you do it from the heart.

Scorpio – Mercury here has you churning through the darker parts of your psyche. Align yourself during this transit by doing things that make you feel happier and pleasant. Luckily, Venus will come to the rescue on the 8th. During retrograde, you will feel empowered to tackle anything.

Sagittarius – Relationships will take up your time and energy during this transit. This is a good period to make peace with the failed friendships and romances of the past before the exes resurge during retrograde. Focus on the positive energies of the present. This could be a good time to enter a business partnership.

Capricorn – Prepare yourself to be the favorite one at your job or school. Mercury allows you to be focused and prepared. You are energized and ready for the challenges that await. Retrograde has you taking on more work, so make sure you get everything sorted out properly so you do not have to rework and revise.

Aquarius – Here you can have a good relaxing moment. It is an energy that sparks your creativity, and if you are an artist, this is a great time to get your pending project going. You have the wit and the patience to catapult your creative career. Try to work on finishing projects during retrograde.

Pisces – This transit will allow you to be chattier with those around you at home. You might even dig up some interesting history about your family when Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th. This source of inspiration might be fueled by Venus.

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