How 2019’s Epic Venus And Jupiter Conjunction Will Impact Each Zodiac Sign

From November 24th and for the remainder of the year, we will all be impacted by the Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius. Mercury Retrogrades shadow in early October followed by that energy draining Libra Season Full Moon were the flood gates opened all of us up to a world of unforeseen chaos. We suffered through the unexpected and learned how to pick up the pieces after being blindsided by the turn of events that the cosmos had in store for us. Much of the Retrograde during Scorpio Season was probably spent in the reflective period and it was accompanied with a sense of stasis that either filled us with dread or hope. However, now we enter the expansive and enjoyable Sagittarius Season. It is appropriate that Sagittarius is (usually considered) the philosopher since it is ruled by Jupiter. Here we put on the breaks on what has been causing us inner turmoil and learn to officially release. Below I will discuss the effects of the Venus and Jupiter Conjunction in the Houses

1st House / Sagittarius Rising – A resetting or rebirth to your persona as you begin to accept your flaws and successes. The expansive energy of your ruler will allow for you to see the brighter side in things. What was bringing you down will recharge you and make you focus on what you want. You are learning from your mistakes and putting the pieces back together that had been broken. The energy from this transit will carry on to 2020, so focus on this glowing new you.

2nd House / Scorpio Rising – Your ego has suffered quite a lot in the last couple of years, but with this conjunction happening in your second house, you know that you are the boss and the haters can keep their drama away from you. There is power in knowing your worth and the vibrancy you exude now will help you take on the challenges you face next year. No one can push you from your throne as you now feel your power.

3rd House / Libra Rising – The optimism and love we all want will flow easily with your mannerisms and thoughts thanks to this transit. Everything you say will be filled with annoying sweetness but being the master of balance, you will know when to cut the charm off and turn it back on. Your heart will be filled with excessive travel and excitement to the most luxurious and dream worthy places. Everything looks rosy now in your world because it is.

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4th House / Virgo Rising – It has been a tough year for Virgos, with the Saturn transits in their house of excitement but this conjunction vibrates and lights up your heart space at home. Experience the love of family and friends as you feel it multiply during this transit. Be grateful for the people in your life who bring you joy and care for you. Sometimes, the greatest gifts are right before our eyes and it takes hardships to teach us to appreciate what we have.

5th House / Leo Rising – You reignite this time around with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter making you lust for life even more. This is your moment to be in the Sun during this time of year. Enjoy it, explore and thrive. 2020 will bring you lots of love and joy and this conjunction is only a brief taste of what is to come. Open your hearts and minds and feel liberated this transit.

6th House / Cancer Rising – Your focus during this transit will be to push yourself harder than ever. Take it easy. You along with the other Cardinal signs have been working hard and facing challenges with thicker skin and more guts. Now is the time to let your guard down a bit and focus on you. The Jupiter and Venus conjunction will allow for pleasant environments all around. More peaceful times at work, school or any other places you deal with people. You will be rewarded for those efforts, so keep doing you.

7th House / Gemini Rising – If you are looking for love, this placement magnifies it for you at this moment in time. Even if it is not the romance of dreams, you will still feel comfortable enough to keep dreaming for that special person. You may encounter people that are extremely beautiful and filled with such bright personalities. Relationships (including friendships) started around this time might take you on an interesting ride.

8th House / Taurus Rising – The paranoid feelings that you might have experienced may come to a slow end (for now) as Venus graces your Scorpio ruled house and blesses you with clarity and optimism. Take the leap you have been waiting for, but make sure you have thought this through. With Jupiter on your side, you might be surprised to see just how much of what you have dreamt will be manifesting right before your eyes. Dream big and do not be afraid.

9th House / Aries Rising – “I am not afraid,” you might be saying to yourself after dealing with the drama of last month’s Full Moon in your sign. You are the fighter and now it is your turn to become more of the philosopher. Think and practice patience as you await what is to come in 2020. A rough year for you and you have learned and fought tooth and nail to be where you are. The conjunction presents new opportunities as well as new methods to connect spiritually and intellectually. Continue fighting and stay optimistic, because Jupiter will gift you what you have not been expecting.

10th House / Pisces Rising – It has been quite the silent year for many Pisceans, but now it is the time to show the world just who the hell is the boss. You are finally center stage as this Jupiter and Venus conjunction brightens up your Midheaven. What you do now will have a great impact in the next decade (2020 is just a month and change away). It is your time to use this opportunity to express your individuality and creativity.

11th House / Aquarius Rising – A wonderful transit to have in this house as the world sees you in such a favorable light and you are able to draw in interesting friends from all walks of life. The beautify with this conjunction is the ability to manifest love, hope and happiness. Those around you will bring forth some major help and benefits that will take you out of the biggest slump or find incredible success. Take advantage of this transit as its vibrations will lead you to 2020.

12th House / Capricorn Rising – Your mind will feel at ease as what has been troubling you no longer causes a sense of paranoia. This is a great period of time to take things in slowly and prepare for what is to come. Your sign along with the other Cardinal signs have been put through a lot with Saturn, your ruler, causing mayhem for the last couple of years. Take the much-needed break from the world, energize yourself and feel the love flow privately, between you and someone else (or by yourself).

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