How The New Moon In Virgo Will Make Us More Self-Aware And Bring Joy To Our Lives

How The New Moon In Virgo Will Make Us More Self-Aware And Bring Joy To Our Lives

The New Moon in Virgo on August 30th will be an interesting time because it gets us all to do things we would not normally allow. After the self-love motif of Leo Season, we shift into Self-Care during this Virgo Season transit. The Moon here will make us emotionally aware of the places we need to focus on bringing more happiness to our lives. This New Moon helps us keep our shit in order, it wants us to grow. We see our flaws and we use this as a motivator to become stronger, not to self hate. What we would deem as failures looks like a recipe to our big successes. This New Moon, find what you want and work to get it.

Aries – They will think of you as the fitness guru this transit because you will be living at the gym. This New Moon will have you working harder and as more pressures build, you’ll want to find ways to relieve the stress and challenges. Hang tight, keep up the goo fight and make sure to keep the peace in all social settings.

Taurus – It can be a New Moon to remember as the connections you made a few weeks ago can emerge to help you with your goals. This is the moment to socialize, to trust your creative side and to improve your personal talents. A period of reevaluation will allow for you to sever ties and be more diligent when it comes to making future friendships.

Gemini – Geminis will want to stay put and away from the spotlight. This New Moon will make you the anchor at home. You will hold the fort down, calm the tension and have everyone sailing on smooth waters. You will plan and guide loved ones during this transit. Everyone will look to you for answers.

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Cancer – You have a lot to say and a lot to do with this transit as Mercury fuels your mind making you feel restless and out of control. Channel this energy into creating and becoming a mentor for others. This is a great time to express your ideas in a way that will enable you to attain success. Capitalize on the potential to make money or how you can help others with your advice.

Leo – We are all coming out of the Leo cloud and are brought back to the Virgo reality. This New Moon will help you learn a lot about your worth, how you share your love and planning for what is happening next in your life. Big decisions will need to be made but for now, you’re ok with planning and reflecting. Remember to think on what makes you happy and what will bring you the most success.

Virgo – We are all excited to experience this New Moon, but you might be dreading it. Do not critique yourself or bring out your flaws. Use this opportunity to grow, accept the mistakes you have made and pat yourself on the back for bring you. The New Moon empowers you and guides you to fulfil greatness. Trust and love yourself dear Virgo.

Libra – You will be in a lazy Sunday mood during this transit as you take a cue from your fellow Venusian sister, Taurus and treat yourself. Nothing wrong with taking a break, especially when life (Saturn) has been throwing some challenges at you. Revitalize yourself, so you can come back stronger than ever when your season arrived.

Scorpio – A good moment to reconnect, rejoice and share that love with others. This transit will allow for you to use your lovely friends to get your plans in motion. A perfect time to socialize and to make your dreams into a reality. Take out the planner, jot that checklist down and be prepared to achieve.

Sagittarius – The New Moon in Virgo will have you hustling to get what you want. You have been relaxing, traveling and enjoying this Jupiter transit all year long. Now is the time you get yourself into workaholic mode, borrowing traits from your Capricorn neighbors. Expect success with your hard work.

Capricorn – A perfect time to plan something to get you out of work mode and shift into a relaxation period. You have been working hard all year, so you deserve a little break. This cycle will allow for you to escape with a good book and bring about positive thoughts or plan a getaway trip with loved ones.

Aquarius – This transit will have you focusing on ways to bring inner calm and peace to topics that have probably kept you up at night. The perfect time to learn to let things go, to trust yourself and to trust the fire and drive within yourself to tackle any problems. Be mindful of expenses and be open to healing.

Pisces – This is a waking up moment for you as the New Moon sheds a light on you and your relationship with others. This could be the perfect time for a romantic endeavor as your heart will flutter more than the usual. You will be inspired to spend more time with people, to bask in the warmth of love and hope.

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