What To Do When You Are With One Person But In Love With Another

This Is What Your Ideal Soulmate Is Like, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries – Does not give the impression but believes in finding a special someone that can match their independent nature. Of course, they will not mind being alone because they thrive without needing others around. Their ideal would be someone who relates to them emotionally and physically. When they have found the one, they will be the most vulnerable, just like a Scorpio in love. The Aries will do their best to cherish their partner but if all goes awry… be ready for the fury.

Taurus – Their soulmate would have to provide them with confidence and understand their deepest needs. They do not appreciate those who betray them, so they like to keep their hearts guarded until the perfect person comes along and sweeps them off their feet. Taurus will give their partner the sky, the stars, and the moon if need be. This partner will stick by you through thick and thin.

Gemini – Always thinks about who will come into their lives and who will be the best for them. They can focus on someone one day and when another pops in, they can easily discard the original. This is not because they are heartless but because they just always think about the ONE in a dreamy way.

Cancer – Believes that their soulmate will arrive but the timing will always be off. Cancer opens their hearts to those around them, which can make them prone to heartbreaks and lessons. What is admirable is that they will still continue to live and have fun, ready to open their hearts once more to the euphoria of love.

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Leo – Like the Gemini, the Leo might grow tired of a mate because in their mind there is always someone just better out there. When they find their soulmate, they will be showering them with gifts, love, and protection. Their ego will subside as they devote themselves fully to the one they love.

Virgo – Love is practical for the Virgo, but they are huge romantics (they just will never tell you). The Virgo wants a soulmate who understands them at the telepathic level. They will not need to reassure their love that they indeed adore them because they want them to just KNOW. When the person comes into their lives, they will be put together and not turn into a project for the Virgo to fix. Their Soulmate will help them evolve and find true love within themselves as well.

Libra – Their persona masks break and you finally see the real person behind the beauty. They expose their soul to you. Their heart is in your palm and all they want is the reassurance that you will be there for them through thick and thin. Libra will feel whole, complete and renewed when they have found the partner they have dreamt of. It is also easy for them to escape with them and start fresh away from the world.

Scorpio – They want loyalty and someone they can trust. When Scorpio opens up and surrenders themselves to someone that they think is their soulmate, they become vulnerable. This is a dangerous place for the Scorpio to be in because it makes them susceptible to emotional destruction and ruin. If the Scorpio you love does this with you, respect them and protect them because you will have a loving partner for life. Their loyalty will transcend space and time.

Sagittarius – It is hard for Sagittarius to fall in love, but it is easy for them to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with others. When they realize that their hedonistic lifestyle will have to come to an end, this is when they do some introspection to see if it is worth giving up their freedom to stay with someone they care for. The Sagittarius is willing to “chain” themselves in a commitment with someone that they deem as the one. Their heart will long for this person in ways that will drive them mad. If this relationship were to end, they would be the ones hit the hardest and the recovery process would strike them harder.

Capricorn – Practical like the Virgo, Capricorn seeks stability and reassurance. Their heart can be stone but when in love, it melts into something potent that will make you wish you were bound to them. The person that they love will make them become selfless and devoted. The protector will become their new role because they treat their soulmates as if they were the gifts from the heavens.

Aquarius – Loyalty is what this fixed sign looks for. They will generally be aloof when they are out of love, but once they have fallen, they will become subservient and will shower you with emotions and devotion. The Aquarius falls hard when they think that they have found the one. The cockiness fades, their hearts soften, and they will let you know that they are here for you. This is a love that feels mystical for both parties involved.

Pisces – Their love is not in this realm because they can easily think that they are in love with everyone they have dated. The Pisces, like the Gemini, will fall easily in love and vanish when other prospects present themselves. This can make them selfish and known heartbreakers. They have idealized and romanticized a version of love that is not achievable in this plane and that is a truth that they do not want to face. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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