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  • Best TV Shows of 2021

    nytimes.com Watching TV in 2021 was not at all a bummer for me. Because what I also find on this list is ingenuity, humor, defiance, empathy and hope: the things that we need, more than distraction, to get through tough times, and the things that art exists to give us.
  • The Location Stack

    1729.com If you want, you can map this to the Hegelian dialectic: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. For Coinbase, the thesis was Bitcoin, the antithesis was the banks, and the synthesis was buying Bitcoin with your bank account.
  • Instagram is Facebook now

    embedded.substack.com Instagram’s push of their TikTok-like feature Reels has been increasing in intensity ever since its launch, but even though Reels have started appearing unprompted on my feed, that’s not actually what bothers me. At
  • An Engineer’s Hype-Free Observations on Web3

    psl.com It’s expensive to participate; incentives are necessarily financial. At the same time, blockchains are an ideal data structure for managing trusted ledgers. Thus, cryptocurrencies and blockchains are inseparable; they’re flip sides of the same coin.
  • Would You Read A Book About Why It Sucks To Be Emily Ratajkowski?

    collective.world As I walked toward the exit, I passed a group of people dancing. I saw that Jho Low’s face had grown red and sweaty. He was drunk. A tray of shots appeared in front of him, and he grabbed two, handing one to the Victoria’s Secret model. She had ignored me and the other guests, her attention focused on Jho Low. Now she kept her eyes locked on him as he took his shot, throwing her head back dramatically as he did, only to quickly toss the alcohol over her shoulder. When he faced her again, her eyes sparkled and the famous dimples appeared on her cheeks. Damn, I thought, what a maneuver.
  • An Interview with Stephen King

    web.archive.org It's not a question that you would ask a guy that writes detective stories or the guy that writes mystery stories, or westerns, or whatever. But it is asked of the writer of horror stories because it seems that there is something nasty about our love for horror stories, or boogies, ghosts and goblins, demons and devils.