Eight WaysTwilight is Better Than Real Life

The Twilight series of books/films is widely perceived to be bad, sexist and potentially in possession of a ‘Mormon agenda,’ even by people who have not consumed any of the books or films nor are able to articulate what a ‘Mormon agenda’ is besides ‘having a ton of wives’ or ‘not having sex’ or ‘having a ton of babies while being really nice to people.’

Thanks For Nothing, Allstate

In theory, I understand that this is “funny.” It’s the oldest ad-trick in the book: take two seemingly disparate things and combine them into one hilarious, bound-to-go-viral video. Sort of like rapping grandmas or talking animals. In this case, though, a smooth, handsome dude in a suit is as far as it gets from an Internet lingo-spewing, baby pink truck-driving, boy-crazy, text message-addicted teenage girl. Ha ha ha, easy laugh, easy ad.

How to be a 20-Something

Work at a coffee shop but feel hopeful about your career in advertising, writing, whatever. Remember that you’re young and that the world is your oyster. Everything is possible, you still have so much to see and hear. You went to a good school and did good things. Figure if you’re not going to be successful, who the hell is?

Hate is All Around: The Politics of Enthusiasm (and its Discontents)

But at their most lethally perky, the politics of enthusiasm are the Black Flag of the intellect, killing critical thought on contact. Consider the ubiquitous Favorite This button: How many favorites can we have? Isn’t “favorite” the Everest of our emotional lives, reserved for the acme of our enthusiasms? When everything is our favorite, nothing is our favorite.

Das Really Good Indie-Rap: Introducing, Das Racist

Among the most common complaints about indie-rap group Das Racist is that their music is “dumb,” “silly,” “immature.” That they’re “over-privileged liberal arts college grads” who are “making a mockery of rap.” A friend recently laid out his issue with the Queens- and San Fran-born, Williamsburg-affiliated trio like this: “They have nothing to talk about. Their music doesn’t make you feel anything.”

Showgirls/Black Swan Trailer Mash-Up

Natalie Portman and Elizabeth Berkeley both play slightly insane dancers who are willing to dabble in lesbianism to get the career of their dreams and when the two films merge together, it creates a beautiful marriage of dance, paranoia and intense expressions.