Kanye Clause Delivers an Early Christmas Gift

If you like Kanye, or hip-hop, or good music (also G.O.O.D. Music), or Christmas, you will like this. The song is bouncy and fun. It literally sounds like an actual Christmas tune that you might hear over the speakers in Michael’s arts and crafts store, as you wait in that goddamn line for twenty minutes to pay for an embarrassingly crappy plastic wreath.

Why Being Gay Is Gay

Sometimes I feel like being gay is a full-time job. Do straight people ever feel straight? There are moments when I feel extra gay (like when I’m connecting to Britney Spears’ Blackout) and I’m not sure what that even means.

Midweek Russian Viral Video Roundup

A Russian man confuses real life for GTA in a drunken rampage, another Russian bashes a third, possibly depressed, unflinching Russian in the head with a shovel, then awkwardly sits down next to him and stares, and a fourth Russian wearing a ‘bungee’ (read: rope) gets pushed off a giant bridge by her ‘friends.’ Videos inside.

How to Be My Girlfriend

Speaking of sex. I want you to like it. I want you to be sort of a perv and not be afraid to do, well, basically whatever I ask you to do. I want you to be strong. I’m strong, and I like to feel a little bit stronger than you, but every so often, take the palm of your hand and push my face to the side and press it down into the pillow – if for no other reason than to show that you can.

Diatribe Against Tacos

Shown above is a standard taco—not the pre-curved ones from Taco Bell, but an authentic taco, usually made by actual Mexicans, especially in California and maybe Texas. This is not so much a “diatribe against tacos,” as the title of this article has rather glibly implied, but a diatribe against a kind of evasive vagueness coming from the people of Mexico about the proper way to eat one.

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YouTube Joins The Fight Against Terrorism

The new function will allow users to report videos and YouTubers who encourage terrorism or spread propaganda through their videos. YouTube recently announced that it had removed hundreds of videos featuring radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a dual American-Yemeni citizen believed to have been behind the failed Times Square bombing and the failed underwear bombing.