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January 5, 2017

12 Excruciatingly Honest Articles About Finding Your ‘Forever Person’

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These days, many people don’t have time to read a book, never mind even trying to read the top hits that TC churns out every day. For me personally, I love reading the romantic essays and listicles that I can connect with on a deeper level. For your reading pleasure, I have rounded up the 12 very best ‘forever person’ articles, to answer any question you could have about finding true love.
Everton Vila
Everton Vila

1. He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Actually Puts Effort Into These 12 Things

This listicle is incredibly real and strikingly honest. Seriously, if you ever have any doubts about the person you are dating, read this Holly Riordan article. 


He should make an effort to get along with your friends and family members. He doesn’t have to go on one-on-one brunch dates with your mother, but he should treat everyone you care about with respect. Even if your disapproving father is a little rude to him, it doesn’t mean he should be rude back. He should be trying his best to make a good impression.

2. Here Is How You Say Goodbye To Your Forever Person

This piece by Heidi Priebe is gut-wrenching to say the least. Save this one for a cozy night in, with plenty of wine and no roommates to judge you from crying so hard.


You start by accepting that they mattered, in a way nobody before them ever did, and it’s possible that nobody after them ever will. You start by accepting that you met your forever person when the timing was wrong or the stars weren’t aligned or in a Universe where the two of you just couldn’t make it to the finish line. You start by letting it sink in that maybe they were ‘The One,’ whether that’s a term that you believe in or not.

3. 17 Men On The Little Things They Do When They Think They’ve Found Their ‘Forever’ Girl

This article by the fantastic Chrissy Stockton will make you feel all the feels. (I promise, it’s the good kind of feels). After you read this piece, you seriously won’t be able to stop smiling.


“I knew I saw “forever” with my wife when I started talking to her about kids. It wasn’t a serious conversation for a long time but we started saying little things about what our kids would be like or what kind of parents we wanted to be.” — Jim, 32

4. If You Want To Find Your Forever Person, You Can Never Do These 16 Things Again

This listicle is fantastically honest (if not brutal). Honestly, if you want to find your forever person, you need to read this ASAP.


Keep your opinions to yourself. Hate the sport he keeps going on and on about? Think he looks like a fuckboy in the hat he’s wearing? Tell him. Don’t be a bitch about it. Just tease him about it. Keep it flirty.

5. He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless You Experience These 17 Micro Turn-Ons

This hilarious and refreshingly honest piece by Melanie Berliet is a must read. You will find yourself nodding to yourself at every point she makes.


When he accidentally drools and you’re like whatever, he’s handsome AF still.

6. 23 Super Cute Moments That Trigger ‘Wife Material’ Thoughts In Men

This surprisingly adorable listicle by Jason Motta will make you feel all warm and fuzzy after reading. *cue hearts melting all over the world*


When you’re still attracted to her when she’s at her worst. You think she looks super cute, even when she has the flu and is wearing sweatpants in a pile of her own tissues.

7. Why You Haven’t Found Your Forever Person Yet, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

They say, the answers are in the stars and this article will convert you to a believer in the magic of astrology.


Gemini: May 21st – June 20th: You haven’t found your forever person yet, because you haven’t learned enough about yourself yet. You have an idea of what you want, but you’re still unsure. That’s why you need to take some “me time” to figure out what makes you tick, what turns you on, and what kind of person you can imagine spending eternity with.

8. 16 Subtle Signs Someone Is Not Your Forever Person, Even Though You Think They Are

A favorite of mine by the magical Brianna Wiest, this piece is honest, without being too harsh or preachy. Wiest’s wise words will have you glued to the screen, I can guarantee it.


You’re not comfortable around them, or vice versa. You often feel anxious about them meeting your friends, or eventually seeing you excrete some kind of bodily function. You’re worried that their approval is something you can lose, or you can sense that they love an idea of you, not who you fundamentally are as a person.

9. He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Makes These 13 ‘Complicated’ Things Feel Easy

Holly does it again with a foolproof guide on how your ‘forever person’ should be making the hard stuff actually seem incredibly easy.


Playing games. The right guy won’t play hard to get or wait hours to text you back. Come to think of it, once you find your forever person, you won’t have to play any games at all. The relationship will be straightforward.

10. Date Someone Who Has These 19 Qualities Because You’ll Probably Want To Be With Them Forever

This piece will make you want to get back into the dating game as soon as possible. Oh, and if you are actually dating someone like this, please propose.


Date someone who loves to love. Who would understand that it’s okay to feel embarrassed about writing something like this, because they would probably feel embarrassed if they did it. But also, date someone who loves that you did this, and never embraces your incessant need to be affectionate and romantic to the point of vomiting.

11. He’s Not Your Forever Person If You’ve Suffered Through These 13 Disappointments

This piece is truly sad, but oh SO true. After reading this, you will get an idea if the person you are with is worth it or not.


Drained happiness. You were super excited about your promotion — until you told him about it. Instead of being happy for you, he made it seem like your accomplishment wasn’t a big deal. His reaction ruined your entire mood.

12. If She Does These 8 Things For You, Never Let Her Go

This list by Nicole Tarkoff will restore your faith in humanity. Read this if you need a Sunday afternoon pick me up, or if you just need a good excuse to start looking for your ‘forever person’.


She makes you see the lighter side of a dark situation. She doesn’t make you feel bad for feeling bad, she understands that unfortunate things happen, and that the brighter side is often hard to discover, but she reminds you that it’s there. She brings positivity into your life when you need it the most.TC mark

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