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Tella Marie. 24. Nurse. Law School Student. Will work for books, and coffee. 😊

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But there will come a day when I’ll truly be free of you. There will come a day when I will find myself rooted to the spot once again, but this time, with someone who will actually choose to stay

To this day, I do not fully understand what changed. How and why we reached this point. All I know is, we did.

There was this constant battle between the part of myself that longed to be free from pain, and the part that still feared having my heart trampled on so easily. In the end, fear won.

I was scared to write about you because if I were to recall the last time I was truly happy, it was when there was a boy who was eager to read my stories. And writing about you would mean that I have accepted the fact that as soon as I finish this, you would not be able to read what I have written.