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Zodiac Signs

Virgo. You’re a perfectionist and you don’t make any hasty decisions, especially when it comes to your love life. So when something doesn’t work out after all the time and effort you invested in it, it becomes like a lost business deal to you and you try to so hard to revive it or find a way to make it a huge success again.

Sagittarius: You’re unhappy because you’re living a lie. You are trying to be someone you’re not in order to make your family or your friends or someone else (who isn’t you) happy. You convinced yourself to believe this is the life you’re supposed to live, but you know it’s not.

Taurus: A Taurus won’t necessarily smoother you in love, but they will make it known they love you without even saying the words. A Taurus will buy you gifts ‘just because’ and prove how they feel by always offering to do things for you, even if it’s inconvenient for them.