Not everyone who breaks us are terrible people, but there are more important people out there who love us, make us happy, and treasure us; family and friends, those who love us for who we are, those who would be there for us at our worst, and those who would hold our hair back after a rough night of drinks.

When time gets a little bit rough, she escapes the reality. She gets lost in her own words for some period of time. You’ll find it irritating that she writes it instead of telling you what’s going on. But you have to let her. Because words are her power and writing is her way of protecting herself from a major downfall.

We didn’t break up because we stopped loving each other or caring. But it just all became too much. We took separate time to figure some of our shit out, but still kept in touch as friends. But it became clear we would never just be friends and, even when things were tough, our lives were infinitely better with one another in them.