Writing Advice

Writers who decide they want to BE A WRITER forget that, because they’re so concerned with “sounding like a writer” that they become more concerned with sounding smart than they do with communicating what they’re trying to say.

For most people, writing is a bad cocktail mixed in a slapdash manner: two parts nagging anxiety, shaken with one part frightened procrastination. Fear not. Being a very important writer of enormous acclaim, I can help you with my simple twelve step process.

Bon vivant, raconteur, dandy, and wit, William Somerset Maugham ( 1874- 1965), was probably the most prolific, certainly the most financially successful English writer of the twentieth century. Creator of the spy story in his Ashenden stories and chronicler of sojourns abroad in his travel essays, novelist of character and manners, Maugham dined out on his stories for years, always a sought-after guest for weekend house parties and formal dinners.