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Womens Lifestyle

My 20s were filled with joy, love, courage, laughter, friendship, passion, excitement, and surprises; they were also filled with sadness, heartbreak, failure, tears, betrayal, indifference, depression, and disappointment.

Only when she left you, did you give a damn. Only when she said goodbye, did you open up your heart again. Only when she slammed the door, was when you grew up and changed. Only when she gave up you, did you want her back

I’m a little sad and a little scared to assume my power as an adult person in this world. So because I am an action-item oriented human, I’m choosing to (at least try to) cancel out the self-doubt with self-love.

My journey is Heartbreak. Childhood Trauma. Iraq’s Warzone. Helplessness. Stigma. My journey is Bipolar Disorder. PTSD. And a fierce case of acute anxiety with a sprinkle of panic disorder on top. My journey is survival, finding hope, and sharing my experiences because the vibrations you create will be returned as an even greater echo.