Video Games

I’m not one of the guys. I’m not the woman from the office that feels cool because she’s at the strip club with her colleagues. I’m not worried that they’ll ask me out. It’s one of those things where a they all automatically friend zoned and I automatically friend zoned all of them.

Video games are given a rating by an independent review board so that consumers are aware of the game’s content. Most fall into one of three categories: E for Everyone, T for Teen and M for Mature. Here’s a further breakdown of how these categories differ.

Maestro Mario: How Nintendo Transformed Videogame Music into an Art

“Pa-dum-pum-pa-dum-pum—PUM!” Super Mario Bros. for the NES contains some of the most recognizable tunes in popular culture, and yet it’s safe to say that only a handful of people have thought beyond the music’s entertaining surface. After all, what could possibly be art-worthy about an early Mario score? Or any early game sound for that matter? In search of answers to these questions, Andrew Schartmann takes us on a journey from the primitive “pongs” of arcade machines to the complex musical fabrics woven by composers of the NES era. Where does that distinctly Nintendo-flavored sound come from? What sets NES music apart from its predecessors? And how has that iconic ‘80s videogame sound “invaded” popular culture?