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Ten years after the World Trade Center attacks in New York City, new arial, close-up footage of the event has emerged on YouTube. Posted on Sunday, the 17-minute video shows the aftermath of the collisions shot from a police helicopter surveying the scene, including the oh-shit moment – and the subsequent onlooker reactions – of the first tower’s collapse. Video inside.

In a controversial move in 2008, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed the Sex Offender Chemical Castration Bill, which authorizes the court to order the chemical castration of any person convicted of aggravated rape, forcible rape, second degree sexual battery, aggravated incest, molestation of a juvenile when the victim is under the age of 13, or an aggravated crime against nature.

This video, put together by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is a compilation of footage of a protest-turned-ugly outside an Orange County fundraiser held by the Islamic Circle of North American Relief USA. The group was hoping raising money for local women’s shelters and to fight homelessness, but the attendance of two “controversial speakers” drew several hundred protesters.

The aftermath of Madoff’s crime is a story that’s still being told. As he sits from his jail cell, his wife, Ruth, lives as a pariah in Florida, paying for her husband’s mistakes. She initially chose her husband over her sons, visiting him in prison against their wishes, but she has since cut off all contact in the wake of her son’s death.

This woman’s son is doing poorly in school—like, 1.22 GPA poorly—and she simply isn’t having it. When confiscating his phone and “other things” didn’t work, she decided to try something new: embarrass him, by putting him on a street corner with a “Honk If I Need Education” sign.


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