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Ten weeks, ten countries, planes, trains, ferries, hostels, couches and millions of steps later, I feel more clear-headed, confident and overall so much happier about life and myself. There’s something about traveling alone that puts everything into perspective and makes you realize you’re capable of fantastic things.

I’ve met women on the road who are outgoing, but I’ve also met some who preferred to keep to themselves. I’ve met ones who prefer to stay out all night partying, but I’ve also met ones who like to wake up early to explore every nook and cranny of a city.

As a backpacker, you’re automatically 98%* more at risk for contracting this misunderstood condition. When you are away from your routine, friends and well… normal life, you don’t realize how easy it is to learn new habits, and make them your own. So beware, here are eight weird-ass things you’re probably gonna pick up along the way.