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Nothing sounds better than poofing to a new place when you aren’t happy. There were plenty of days right after where we questioned our choice. We were leaving some great friends, a work that was comparable to the family you always fought with, and the family that you actually share DNA with.

You have none of that infectious desire to post your latest Facebook photos. You enter a meditative state; like a yoga in motion. This revelation alone is priceless. With the world becoming increasingly louder and chaotic, traveling alone is the one addiction you must nurture. solitude, stillness, hearing your own thoughts — these are luxuries many people have forgotten to cultivate.

They whack on a rather lovely egg-head-shaped hat with huge goggles just for comical measure. You’ve interrogated all the staff about the death/life ratio, but no amount of reassurance seems to make you feel any safer. At this point your mind can’t make sense of what is about to happen and you really have to fight the urge to make a run for it.

Can you not wait until you get to your hotel room? I mean most of it I can tolerate: holding hands, non tongue involved kissing. But when there is a make-out session, spit swapping, and heavy petting going on in the two seats next to me?!? Stop being filthy animals and wait until after the 4 hour flight to grope each other.