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The Digital Age

So, who ARE you? Your personality lies within the core of your screen name. A basketball player? BBaLLeR. A dancer? DaNCe. A club kid? XtaScY. Why are we typing LiKe tHiS? Well, random capitalization is how you show the world that you’re l33t. It’s not acceptable anywhere but the Internet – only a n00b would require this explanation…

This video is so exciting. Here we have 90’s style Billy Corgan, Michael Jackson, Kurt Loder, Coolio (“If you ain’t on the information superhighway baby than where is it?”) Sandra Bullock, and more on “the worldwide computer network called the Internet,” as well as a younger Newt Gingrich…

I have found a new love, and his name is iPhone. He treats me nice, lets me touch all over him in public, get’s turned on super fast, keeps secrets better, and he is skinny. There is no flashing when he has to tell me something, he lets me take my own time to check him, use him, and be with him.

Facebook is a PC. It’s been around so long, we all know how to use it, it’s like the raggedy but comfortable robe we wear on weekends and refuse to throw out. But Google+? Google+ is Apple. It’s clean cut and user-friendly. And once you go Mac? You don’t go back.

Too many people I know, myself included, have been plagued by inspired decisions to unfriend people on Facebook. Whether it’s to lower our friend count or to become more ‘exclusive,’ the unfriending ceremony is a phenomenon that everyone with a Facebook account must consider.