Not everyone is going to agree with what you have to say. Not everyone is going to like what you have to say, for whatever reasons they have, right or wrong. That doesn’t make what you have to say any less valid, though. Because you’re speaking from experience. Your experience. And those that don’t agree are not wrong either, because that’s their experience.

The ‘What’s Up’ Dude: He asks you this question often and in a variety of ways. What’s up? Wassup? What’s going on? How’s things? He doesn’t not know how to have an actual conversation. He checks in fairly regularly. Sometimes these messages arrive at booty call times. Sometimes they arrive when you are procrastinating at work and you reply. “Nm. U?” He says “Same,” then nothing else until the next “What’s up?”

Deactivating my Facebook was almost like getting rid of a drug addiction at first. I would instinctively type in Facebook on my phone, without even really wanting to use it.

Remember when enjoying the moment was enough? When we didn’t have to snap, record, edit, Photoshop, crop and post the hell out of that moment just to tell others you had that perfect moment.