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Self-esteem is essentially confidence in your worth and abilities. It’s incredibly important for men- especially in the society we live in today.

Unfortunately for most us, our self-esteem is in tatters by the time we reach adulthood.

Rule of thumb: Humans will miss important events in their lives to stare at you, or run away in sheer terror. Either way, it means they’re thinking about you, so appreciate it!

It is an extremely ‘fun time’ to be a woman. Catalyzed by the instantaneous access to information and social support provided by the modern internet, plus the fact women’s health issues have become a charged pivot point in the American political climate, people are more interested in revolutionizing defined gender roles than ever…

The really blokey guy you would expect to see roughing up some guy in front of a bar rather than in a creative writing workshop but you would expect to write crime fiction which he does. You want to tell him that no one writes about heavy smoking and drinking private eyes anymore but your to scared to in case he beats you up after class.