In junior high, I was deeply, irrevocably, and violently in love with Nicole Eggert, who played Jamie in Charles in Charge (1987-1990), starring Scott Baio as a live-in caregiver to the Powell family, in which Jamie was the eldest and most sultry daughter.

The crux of the problem with cable is how much you’re paying for nothing. Think about the channels you watch and how many you have and what you pay. Vomit a little, and then cancel that subscription right now. Use that money for better internet.

Like the show Friends, many human conversations have earned syndication deals in the last few years. That means that, like the show Friends they re-run over and over again, and they are so pervasive they’re seemingly everywhere, all the time.

TV will have you believe that 1 out of every 4 high school romances result in marriage. The couple in question may undergo any number of major roadblocks between freshman formal and saying their vows, but make no mistake: they are end game.


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