Because as strong, as independent, as happy as she is on her own sometimes she just needs a hand to hold. Someone to kiss her when she’s feeling down, someone to tell her she looks beautiful when she’s doubting herself, someone to be goofy when she’s upset because as great as being single is, it isn’t better than love.

Love is not that flutter in your heart or butterflies in your stomach. Love is not bumping into a stranger and looking into his eyes. Love is not candlelit dinners and exotic vacations. Love is not the best sex you’ve ever had. Love is not just hugs and kisses. Love is not the crap that rom-coms feed you. Love is not summed up in a single shot of Cupid’s arrow.

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You are an individual—your very own set of specific characteristics and experiences and emotions. And yet, so much of what you’re going through is relatable to so many others. This book will show you that you are never alone.