Fond memories of being poked and prodded with questions about my sexuality encompassed much of my adolescence. While not everyone was so quick to question me, I knew most were wondering. You see, growing up in the uber conservative south, most people are hesitant to out themselves.

You went to the restroom while I wait for our change. “That must’ve been tough,” the bartender says as she hands it over. I raise an eyebrow challenging her to explain. She leans over and dramatically whispers, “I know you’re in love with her.”

My day celebrating LGTB (it’s an alphabet soup of sexuality!) in West Hollywood on June 14th started at a gay producer’s house in the Hollywood Hills. I was invited by a gay friend who’s currently attending the top producing program in the nation.

We make snap judgments on people and throw them into demographics. Being labelled straight protected me from prejudice, encouraging me to conform to it. I locked myself in a closet full of dresses.