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Deep down, you know you’re okay. And as you walk with him to the bus stop, the conversation is light until a bus comes. He smiles, wishes you bon voyage. You ask him if you’re okay, if you’re good. He smiles and nods. He boards the bus, you walk home.

See not all love stories end, but not all last too. Some are more fortunate than others, and some just will never survive the everlasting storms. But we are all human, craving the touch of another. And we all like to believe in a love that can save us. However, sometimes, people cannot be saved by another, they must save themselves.

This is on him. This is all his fault. You did nothing to deserve this. You did nothing to deserve this pain and this hole in your heart. One day, you are going to look back and be grateful that he left. One day, you are going to look back and wonder what you ever even saw in him.

You helped me think clearly, analyze correctly, and collect my thoughts properly. You provided solutions when all I could do was stress about problems. You made my decisions when I couldn’t decide for myself.