Reading status updates about the Crossfit class so-and-so did four hours before your alarm went off or scrolling through pictures of babies and engagements won’t mentally prep you for powering through the day. The first images you see and the first words that you read and speak in the morning should be edifying and nourishing on a deeper level.

Romance leaves you clinging to one, shimmering thread. Love holds you secure in its unvarnished cradle making decades of veggie stir-fry and Law & Order marathons into beautiful and happy reminders that that guy over your right shoulder teaching himself claw hammer banjo at a grating volume is the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen.

I often watch how people seem to be sleep walking through life, mechanically programmed to follow daily, perfunctory routine of wake up, check your phone/email/social media, go to a job that they are not passionate about, hang out with a significant other whom they might love, but do not really see as their soul-mate, go to bed and wake up only to do the same thing again.


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