Bad bosses are bad bosses no matter what the profession. Oftentimes the ridiculousness and drama of the situation shows how the same human impulse exists for any job in any organization, no matter how uptight or laid back the work atmosphere.

The sale products are often in fairly odd places, such as the caps at the ends of rows where no one usually looks, so go hunting for them (or ask for help to find them #noshame).

The film is The Master and the crowd’s reaction to this fall’s current critical darling is, in fact, not mixed. It is overwhelmingly negative.

Have you ever seen just one red grape hanging out alone in the park reading a book? When’s the last time you heard of a single grape signing up for an Outward Bound solo? Never, the answer is never.

This position of this guy’s hips is definitely art. I don’t know which Macy’s he got that belt from but I love the way the light coming off it matches the color of the rain that’s coming down on the flower field while he pretends to play the violin.


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