In the midst of a recent conversation, we hit on the subject of people claiming they know what God has planned for their life, specifically who he has planned for them to marry. We questioned whether or not these people really know or if they are just spouting declarations to sound holier than the rest of us.

Well, I’ve been saying it for my entire life (with a brief exception of a few years in my teens where I decided to be an atheist to “test the waters” of sinnery) but now I can triumphantly announce with 100% certainty that God is, without question, for real.

I have been petrified to tell the world that about my religion because it brings an endless supply of negative emotions. Ever since I was five, my family and I have suffered through racial profiling and fear that we can no longer practice what we believe in.

It has come to a point where we have to decide whether our love is worth not having our family involved in our lives, or if our religious differences and spirituality are worth not having love.

For some reason, people find girls that wear the Hijab to be unapproachable and standoffish. I do not understand where this thought comes from and it makes me very sad.


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