Let’s be friends for the narcissist means let’s be friends — with benefits. Don’t fall for the “let’s be friends” ploy. Doing so will land you straight in La La land, where you will spend months, if not years, tolerating their multiple sex partners, disappearing acts, and your making monthly visits to the doctor’s office to ensure you haven’t contracted an STD.

Five of the few told you pretty words that made you giddy. Unluckily, they also told such words to the other twenty. You? You still believed because you loved them so, but you started to fear the thought of being an option by someone whom you treated as a top priority.

What we had was real. The pain, the tears, the joy, the love, the loss, all of it was real. We were definitely a mess but I was your mess and you were mine. Just because people don’t understand what we had doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.