I’m not an easy person to live with, that’s for sure. I have had six serious girlfriends in my life and I have loved maybe one of them – and it certainly wasn’t my baby’s mother. How long can a woman endure living with such a man before she begins to look for love elsewhere?

I can’t be your friend. You want everything to be fine, for us to continue on and be close but it won’t work for so many reasons. I’ll become the ghost who haunts your current relationship, the name that gets brought up when you fight, the point of contention you hate discussing every time she gets upset.

We never seem to make a connection, and we don’t have to — there are so many options just a swipe away on the other side of your phone, that if you don’t immediately feel sparks and fireworks and whatever cosmic a-ha! moment you think you deserve, you can delete the number and move onto the next person.


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