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Relationships & Dating

Relationships & Dating

Someone may tell you they want a relationship when in truth they aren’t really ready for one and can either go on to sabotage it or slowly pull away or any number of things. Or, they may present one way and actually be another.

See not all love stories end, but not all last too. Some are more fortunate than others, and some just will never survive the everlasting storms. But we are all human, craving the touch of another. And we all like to believe in a love that can save us. However, sometimes, people cannot be saved by another, they must save themselves.

She’ll notice how your face lights up when you smile. She’ll notice how you blink your eyes when you look into hers. She’ll notice how you move your lips when you tell her that you love her. She’ll notice how you hold her hand while you’re both looking somewhere else. She’ll notice every little thing you do, trust me.

You destroyed a piece of me. A piece of me that I’m still hoping to get back. A big piece that was adventurous and loving and everything a lot of people look for in a girl. The kind of thing that makes a girl whole.