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Don’t constrict yourself int thinking that there are rules. This doesn’t only apply to photography but pretty much everything; there are no set rules when you’re in a world where your creativity speaks. But if you really cannot do without some rules then go ahead and make your own.

If you’re interning or building up your portfolio or telling your friends you’re freelancing because it sounds better than “I’m getting screwed because I haven’t figured out how to ask for money yet,” fine — but don’t give your “client” the impression that freelancers do not require payment.

How to be an Artist: Start an Etsy ‘store.’ Draw small robots, animals or ‘things’ on printer paper. Add minimal color using the markers you used in grade school. These drawings’ overarching theme should be one of ‘cuteness’ or ‘twee.’ Frame these drawings and list them on Etsy for $20 a piece. Facebook status update that you’ve “finally” started an Etsy page “so [you] can FINALLY start selling [your] art.”