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I envy those who have faith. Those who believe and feel something I can’t. They fill the gap between now and the future with their faith. Not because of controlling, planning, worrying, or obsessing their way through every moment, but just because. Because they believe it will turn out okay.

A very common rebuttal to the nonbeliever’s claim is something to the effect of, “How do you get up in the morning?” Essentially, how does someone who doesn’t believe in anything beyond this world find optimism? Shouldn’t your relatively minuscule life be miserable?

On the better days, we all simply have to wait for the “all clear” and on the worst of days, we all have to live through the tragedy one thought at a time. In the darkest of trials we find that friends, relatives and even religious rituals rap themselves around us for the simple purpose of giving us something else to think about or at the very least a different way of thinking about what was previously unthinkable.