New York City

New York has been subject to at least nine monster attacks, one creature attack, two climate disasters, four geologic events, three epidemic events, three man-made disasters, two alien invasions, four asteroids and seven superhero battles. This is just the events portrayed in film. Comics, novels and other written works also have torn the city of New York apart until there was nothing but dust. This is an astounding amount of devastation. But again, what is the fascination?

I Hope My Mother Doesn’t Read This

In his debut collection of humorous essays, comedic artist and musician, Greg Scarnici delivers a set of eye-opening stories that revolve around growing up gay in NYC in the 1990s and working in the entertainment industry. Head-spinning stories about hooking up with construction workers and battling Gayface are interspersed with tales of getting high with the ‘midget’ from “Twin Peaks” and humiliating himself in front of Gina Gershon at a Saturday Night Live after-party, where he currently works as an Associate Producer.

Set in a time before his success on YouTube opened doors for him, I Hope My Mother Doesn’t Read This is a candid, shocking and just plain hilarious snapshot of an artist coming to grips with his sexuality and artistry at a time when LGBT artists were not as accepted as they are today.

Pop the bubbly – I just celebrated a milestone: my two-year New York-iversary. That’s right, it’s been 24 months since I arrived in the Big Apple as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 21-year-old, fresh from college, desirous of adventure and yearning for new beginnings.