New York City

He said we should come back again as my head rested on his shoulder, and the train moved along the track, back to Long Island. Further and further away from our wintry weekend in the West Village.

I decided to take a ride out to the beach at Fort Lauderdale. There was a long wait at a drawbridge, and four girls in a nearby car rolled down their windows. I thought they wanted to ask directions, but they were just waving and smiling. On Las Olas Boulevard a guy in the car next to mine began flirting with me.

Last night I went over to Park Slope to visit Avis. She and I sat in the kitchen, sharing an omelet and Perrier water, and talked for hours, just as we did in the old days. Justin, her roommate, joined us later; he’s a very sweet guy. We told each other about our homosexual feelings.