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Being Christian is Gay

What does it mean to love both Jesus and the same sex? Throughout the past decade, homosexuality has become increasingly accepted in many Western circles, yet the tension between being religious and being gay remains.

The Bitter Taste of Dying

In his first book, author Jason Smith explores the depravity and desperation required to maintain an opiate addiction so fierce, he finds himself jumping continents to avoid jail time and learns the hard way that some demons cannot be outrun.…

From London to St. Ives

Olivia Johnson needs to get a life. She hates her job, hasn’t seen her friends in ages, hasn’t had a date since university and has no idea what her purpose should be.

This is an excerpt from my first novel, called “The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses,” which was the original title of ‘The Matrix’ when it came out in France. It’s about moving to another country to escape your problems, which is (apparently) a bad idea.