Los Angeles

Go to a coffee shop at 3:00 in the afternoon to apply for jobs and find it packed. Wonder how people actually make a living here. Everyone always talks about a new exciting project in the works and drives a BMW, but they’re still hanging out at Coffee Bean in the middle of the afternoon with nothing to do. Something isn’t quite right here.

I’m a bit of a whore, like many. But I’m not talking about the kind of whore – from either gender – who uses a busy street-corner after midnight, baiting clients with smooth or rusty marketing skills learned from the Do-It-Yourself School of Charm, nor the veteran from those corners who has learned to advertise who they are, into discreet information on business cards that directs potential costumers to their pimp’s phone number…

In the early 1990s, Daniel “Chaka” Ramos was one of the most prolific graffiti writers in Los Angeles. His block letter style tag (inspired by Cha-Kah from Land of the Lost), done almost exclusively in either black or silver spraypaint, was everywhere in L.A. and beyond.

A comprehensive, collectively-written list of the different types of people there are on the internet, written by Bebe Zeva, Leigh Alexander, Lesley Arfin, Ryan O’Connell, Kelley Hoffman, Tao Lin, Megan Boyle, Blake Butler, Gene Morgan, Brandon Scott Gorrell, Molly Young, Jimmy Chen, Joshua Lyon, Alex Blagg and more.

Clearing Stern of any wrongdoing closed the book on the scandalous life (and death) of Anna Nicole Smith, finally allowing her mourners to move on. I, for one, will never move on though. Smith’s drunken pilled-out spirit will continue to live on inside of me forever, thanks in no small part to an extensive collection of videos on YouTube.

She was immersed in things I’d only heard of before, like Debutantes, season tickets to the Orange County Performing Arts Center, new Volvo sedans, Pescetarianism, Whole Foods, art show openings, family alumni in Ivy League universities, famous relatives who were active or once active in the art world…

My girlfriend Claire and I met some dogs while walking around LA. This video contains 2 beagles, 3 boxers, 7 chihuahuas, 1 collie, 5 pit bulls, 1 rottweiler, 4 terrier mixes, and 2 other kinds of mixes: a small sample of our country’s 80 million domestic dogs.

We see him applying construction adhesive to a small ceramic tile ‘Invader’ piece and sticking it to one of the steel uprights. As he works, a voice booms from a speaker atop the hill, announcing that the L.A. City Park Rangers are monitoring his activity.