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Adventure doesn’t have to be found across the world. Find it in little moments, in spontaneity, in conversations that challenge your thinking. Embrace the confusion of this time of your life and accept it as a challenge to see and experience as much you possibly can.

You click through the limited privacy allowed Facebook profile pictures, refrain from looking at LinkedIn because, dang it, it’ll tell them if you looked, and you read any other little tidbits that Google decides to offer up. Usually it’s funny quotes from a college newspaper or random websites they’re linked to.

I’m excited to be an Adult because I love organization and plans and lists. I also still love napping all day and eating McDonald’s and puking from drinking. I guess I don’t like the puking but I do love drinking enough to get to that point. This is a time of transitions, and like every new step in life, change happens in waves.

You will look around you and notice that there are only two people reading an actual book in the entire coffee shop. One of them is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and as for the other, if you tilt your head, squint your eyes, and look at just the right angle you can make out the words “successful” and “startup.” And so you are reminded that even if your novel ever does get published, no one gives a shit and reads fiction anyway.

What do women do when they like a guy? Have sex with him. (No, not all the time, but like, a lot of the time.) Yes, that’s what I’m saying – the softboy is being nice to you because he wants to have sex with you, same as the badboy asshole. At least the bad boy was honest.

This stunt was a particularly Matilda-esque in its execution: a competition with myself to see how many slices of cake I could eat. It was, of course, a charity bake sale so there were around 14 different types of cake, and I ate a slice from every single one in under 7 minutes. At the halfway point, my colleagues had stopped taking phone calls to come and watch me conquer my Everest.