Glib, detached, oft taken for granted, the following chat and text acronyms are examined and exposed for both their oblique intent and implication herein.

CLEVELAND, TX. – Last Friday afternoon, a Cleveland man was airlifted to a Houston hospital after reportedly getting in a fight with a cat. The wounds he sustained were serious enough that he required specialized attention that wasn’t offered at the Cleveland Regional Medical Center, where he was first driven via ambulance.

Years before it was possible to spend hours at a time stalking exes and exes of exes on Facebook, there was just the straight up internet. Specifically, AOL – anyone who used Netscape or ICQ made me feel uneasy because… well, how simple was it to just use AOL?

Is this extremely funny, or am I just being weird? This baby laughing at half speed is funny as hell! Who would have thought that a baby excited about dogs and bubbles could have sounded like a forty year-old fat man on an acid trip? Or like your hallucinations on an acid trip gone bad? Hah! Video inside.

People definitely use LOL when they LOL. I don’t doubt it. But it has also become a scapegoat. Sometimes there is so much LOLing going on I wonder how anyone could possible be getting through their day without being committed for hysteria. We just don’t do it that often.


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