I went home, gave my grandparents a kiss, and played with my dog. I flirted with the idea of monkhood. It was clear that day had ended my faith in Sacred Heart School.

People need energy, too. We use it for dancing, touching our phones, punching, and judging the way others get their energy. You can tell a lot about a person by their choice of energizing beverage. Here is an in-depth look at what your energy drink says about you.

Do you think Ross and Rachel would have happened on ?Friends? if they?d all just gotten down to biz-nass in a big heap on day one? No way! Because that weird tension would have evaporated and everyone could just go on being friends without this “will-they-won?t-they” nonsense.

He mentally notes how the woman sitting down would be a little hotter if she was a little thinner and how the old woman on the right should fold up her walker so it doesn’t take up as much space in the aisle. He notes these things but says nothing. Here is not his place.

No, wait, just listen! There’s a crawl space, you see, with wires, pipes, insulation, and I — being a man of small proportions — managed to nestle my modest frame inside like a tiny unemployed baby in a womb full of roaches and mouse skeletons.


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