A friend and I would jokingly come up with fake xoJane headlines like, “Top 5 Moisturizers for People Who’ve Been Molested” or “It Happened To Me: My Boyfriend Lied About Being A Ghost!” So why can’t I stop reading xoJane?

Two guys from a TV show who talked once and so now someone has taken that encounter, added a Photoshop filter and some Demi Lovato lyrics and it’s SUPER romantic.

Pull out all the classic embarrassing moves like the Running Man, The Moonwalk, The Tootsie Roll, The Whoomp! There It Is, The Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, The Lawnmower, The Stinky Cable Car, The New Hampshire Stapler, The Spinning Top from Inception, A Triple Salchow, The Mayor Bloomberg, The Hospital Corner, The China Syndrome, The Mentalist, and anything else I might have just made up.

Have you ever seen an alligator crawl out of a canal by your friend’s house and almost eat someone? Legit every day of my childhood.